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Certified Copy

Reviewed by Eduardo Gustavo Ramos Oliver


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The film "Certified Copy", by Iranian Director Abbas Kiarostami, is a memorial circuit of what was the first meeting of a couple of spouses, and this time, to celebrate another year of marriage, the couple
 recreates the historical events of the first romance that they held together years ago, as faithful as possible to the original experience. The couple, interpreted by the English actor William Shimell and the
French actress Juliette Binoche, both mature. He a writer with slow movements and reflexive gestures, she a woman specialized in collector's art, who strives to walk with high heels on the ancient cobbleston
Roman roads that make up the streets of Tuscany-Italy.  Despite the gestures of tiredness and discomfort that sometimes she has, produced by the pain of feet, these doesn't stop her, a romantic wife,
 to strive to represent all the details that attracted her husband from the beginning of the relationship.

Likewise, he strives to have no idea of what is happening, acting as a surprised stranger in every place they visit and contemplates the artistic pieces and customs that, together as a couple, they rediscover in
their journey through the busy and famous city of Tuscany; where bridal couples usually visit before getting married. Abbas Kiarostami leads the audience to more intimate levels of the couple, making the fictional
story acquire a documentary narrative status about the romantic veracity of the main characters.  This denouement occurs when, he and she, finally visit and register in a hostel which is, strategically marketed,
mainly to young couples in Tuscany. In the movie, the couple's memory must be revived, feelings must be certified, also the commitments, the attractions, and the true love that exists from one another

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