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February 2018
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Pope Benedict XVI celebrates the Eucharist at the canonization of Frei Galvão in São Paulo, Brazil on 11 May 2007    
(photo credit t Fabio Pozzebom/ABr - Agência Brasil;)



  • A Prayer to Prevent Nuclear War
    Lord God, you created life and beauty in this world.  You then entrusted the human community with caring for, and enhancing, your creation. 
    Strengthen us, we pray, in this challenging time when the power to destroy this creation has grown so dangerously. 
    Lead us on a road of peace, a road that includes a program of removing all nuclear weapons from our earth. 
    We cannot hope to meet this challenge without your continuing presence and support.  For this we make our prayerful plea in your name.
    by John T. Pawlikowski, OSM
  •   Profiles in Catholicism
  • Prayer for Bishop Joseph Cistone
    “Lord God, heavenly father, your son Jesus, our brother, touched Peter’s mother-in-law and she rose up and continued to serve. Touch, we pray you r servant Bishop Joseph Cistone. Cure him. Allow him to continue to serve. WE ask this in the name of the same Jesus your son and our savior.”|
    by Father David O. Brown, O.S.M. 
    Profiles in Catholicism

  • Prayer to St. Peregrine
    We pray to you to comfort and assist all people with cancer and to hasten approved treatments for cancer in all counties.  We also pray that you heal John O'Brien, OFM.

  • Prayer for Senator John McCain
    Almighty God from all evils and the scourges of cancer, deliver your servant John McCain, we pray to the Lord. Graciously hear us, O Lord.

  • Prayer for Those Murdered at Marshall County High School
    Good and gracious God, we come to you yet again mourning a senseless tragedy.  We have been confronted with the evil of hatred at Marshall County High School.  Lord God comfort us in our mourning, dry our tears, and mend our broken hearts.  Lord in our prayer, allow us to overcome the hatred and evil in our communities.  We seek union with you, for ourselves and for those who suffer in Kentucky.  May those who suffer be kept afloat through the gift of hope, knowing that your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ will illuminate even the darkest of hours and guide us into your loving embrace.  May the souls of Preston Cope, Bailey Nicole Holt and all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, Rest In Peace.
    by Eileen Quinn Knight. PhD Profiles in Catholicism

  • A Prayer for Those Murdered  in Afghanistan Bombing Attacks
    Lord, welcome our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan who were killed as a result of the bombing and comfort their families.
    by Sarah Lyon   Profiles in Catholicism

  • A Prayer to End Gun Violence
    Lord Jesus, as you approached the city of Jerusalem,
    Before your passion,
      As you people waved palms in your honor,
      You saw the city and wept over it because you
           Loved it.
      You knew of the violence and chaos you would suffer
       In that beloved city
     still you loved it and wept over it.
    Lord Jesus, look upon our cities, weep over them,
       Love them and protect them.
       Weep over us and strengthen us as we suffer
    Violence and chaos.
    Weep over us and love us.
    Lord Jesus, weep over us and love us.
         (See Lk 19)\
    by Father David O. Brown, O.S.M.
     Profiles in Catholicism 

  • Prayer for Dismantling Racism
    by Sisters of Providence

  • Prayer for Those with Disabilities
    Giving praise and thanks to you, O God
    In whose image we have all been created,
    We gather in faith and love,
    Where through the power of the Spirit,
    All our bodies,
    disabled and non disabled alike,
     all become one Body in Christ Jesus.
    With tender mercy and love you created life and hope 
    out of darkness and emptiness,
    and then in your wisdom,
    because you understood that human vulnerability
    is the source of communion in the Kingdom,
    you sent your only child to enter into the frailty of human life.
    Your graciousness is a never-ending source of justice and mercy
    best known to us through Jesus, the Christ,
    Who in life, death and resurrection,
    preached hope and inclusion.
    Even when we sin by excluding
    those who society pushes to the margins because they are different,
    you continue to shower us with mercy by inviting us 
    back to the table of embodied love,
    giving us yet another chance to taste and drink of a justice 
    that welcomes the estranged and the stranger as friend
    and bids us, here and now,
    to join you in building the Kingdom.
    [This is the preface from the "Eucharistic Prayer of Inclusion” 
    A Prayer Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    Good and gracious God,
    Please guide all of us to be especially aware of the need for respect,
    All of your creatures need your help in whatever they do and are,
    They need You in the morning when the miraculous sun is rising,
    They need You at lunch as we leave our desks to get some sustenance for our work
    And to share our thoughts with others.
    They need You in the evening as they traverse through traffic to return to home
    In the midst of all this Lord, people forget the sacredness of each person they meet,
    We all need to remember each little bump or touch might be offensive to another,
    We need to share our boundaries in word and deed with each other
    We all need to remember each word that we say that gets people upset
    Lord we need your guidance as we travel through the day and evening
    Whether it is in our homes, work or leisure help us to remember the sacredness of every aspect of life. It is through your guidance that we can bring that understanding of not only who we are but who others are in our midst. We need to understand the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given to them and keep our minds and hearts on your goodness, Lord.

    When someone is disrespectful, help us to forgive them Lord and remember your graces of forgiveness and love. If the disrespect has become evil, help us Lord, to report them to the proper authorities that you have provided for us to contact so that they will not be participating in this behavior again.
    Guide us Lord, protect us as we are ‘the apple of your eye’ ‘hide us in the shadow of your wings’.
    Give us a tongue of kindness and compassion
    Give us hands that offer others help
    We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord.
    Eileen Quinn Knight. PhD Profiles in Catholicism
  • Prayer for Migrants
    For all those who see “home” and all it means
    Disappear behind them;
    For all those who cannot see a home
    In the days ahead of them;
    For all those who dwell in
    Daily insecurity;
    For all those who are weary and
    Without a safe place to rest their heads;
    For all families in migration we pray.
    May the image of the Holy Family
    Fleeing oppression stay with us as we enter a New Year,
    And stay with us each night as we are blessed
    With returning to a home.
    May we also be blessed
    With compassion for those
    Still weary, still seeking,
    Still with so far to go.

    by Jane Deren, 2007




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