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Profiles in Catholicism

Musings on Christmas

A Commentary by Carmen Julia Rodríguez

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 “… and they fled to Egypt…”} (

The man woke up from the terrifying dream in a cold sweat. He hurriedly helped the woman and child to begin the uncertain, perilous journey into a strange land, Egypt. The gifts brought by the Magi would help to provide for their sustenance until it was safe for them to return home…

This is the story of Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus… but it could might as well be the story of a Middle Eastern family venturing into Europe trying to escape violence at their ancestral homeland… or the story of poor migrant workers “illegally” crossing a border between Mexico and the US that first crossed them as the result of a war in 1840… or the story of Puerto Ricans who tired of living in the dark, drinking from a creek sprouting out of rock in the mountains, foraging for food wherever it could be found - if anywhere – after surviving two ravaging storms venture into the unknown… 

All these journeys however dissimilar begin with the same hope: to one day return home… We read in the Bible that the Holy Family could return home bringing with them the promise of a brighter, kinder, better Future. Some among us wonder what if Baby Jesu had been born in our times. Would any one among us be able to recognize Him as the Lord of Lords? 

Each child IS precious. Each family potentially holds the promise for a Holy Future… our HOME! 

As we journey Christmastide, the twelve Days of Christmas, let us commit ourselves to see the Face of Jesus and the plight of the Holy Family in every one who flees from hunger, unemployment, or violence for what they truly are: the keepers of the Promise from the Future where God, our Lord, call us to encounter His Divine Mercy. 


“Mary did you know that your Baby Boy||is Lord of All Creation?


Mary did you know that your Baby Boy
will one day rule the nations?

 Did you know that your Baby Boy
is Heavens Perfect Lamb?

 This sleepy Babe you are holding
is the Great I AM!


Merry Christmas!