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Memoria Futuri 

Catholic-Jewish Dialogue Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow; Texts and Addresses of Cardinal William H. Keeler

by Dr. Eugene Fisher


A  Commentary by Gordon Nary


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As Dr Fisher explains in his forward, "Memoria Futuri means "remembering the past for the sake of the future." It is both a leitmotif in Cardinal Keeler's work and an apt description of the nature of the Catholic-Jewish Dialogue that he steered the for the  American bishops and thus, to a real extent,, for the Catholic Church as a whole at it's most critical time of expansion and transformation-- the period during the pontificate of Pope John Paul  II."

Every Catholic should be aware of the history of the diverse and often challenging relationships between these two faiths and  Cardinal Keeler's unique talents for addressing and improving these vital relationships. This slim volume contain 18 diverse texts, each a jewel in a Byzantine mosaic of an image that reflects the truth and insight of the love and respect that is the subject of Cardinal; Keeler's writings and presentations.

Cardinal Keeler died on March 23, 2017 and Memoria  Futuri is an extraordinary tribute to his life and to our future. It should be required reading for all of us, as well as a thoughtful gift to every priest and seminarian.