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The Fruit of Love Is Service

by Carmen Julia Rodríguez 


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As Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta reminded us, the fruit of live is service.

"The fruit of Silence is Prayer.
The fruit of Prayer is Faith.
The fruit of Faith is Love.
The fruit of Love is Service.
The fruit of Service is Peace "

We have lost our brother in Christ, the Reverend Billy Graham.

 We have gained a powerful advocate in the Community of Saints.

 Billy Graham once said: “Christ is not a white man. He is not a black man.” God is the Father of ALL.

 His message of universal brotherhood will live forever in the hearts of those who dare to believe.

 The US House of Representatives Speaker - the Honorable Paul Ryan - said it well:

“He was great not for who he was, but for Who he served…”

 In Matthew 14:17, we read that our Lord Jesus Christ fed a crowd after He asked for the blessing of the Heavenly Father over five loaves of bread and two fish. The Lord we serve is great indeed.

 Reverend Graham reminded us every day of his service that NOTHING is impossible for those who dare to BELIEVE.

 We have seen this time and time again across the course of our history:

 Washington crossing the Delaware…

 Jefferson sending an expedition into the unknown…

 Every time we dare to believe, many voices - the voice of fear, the voice of scarcity, the voice of unbelief - whine: “It cannot be done!” Each and every time we, the People, - like the eagle when pushed unto the abyss - spread our wings and soar.

Our powerful advocate is smiling upon us from Heaven because he knows we, the People, will continue to soar as long as we BELIEVE!